General observations/praise

It’s sort of interesting sitting back and watching how most new users to 3D printing via a BL printer are handling the situation and experiences, etc. Not sure what to make yet of the large amount of posts with negative content but most point to ppl are now beyond just the aggravation of the situation and are turning to BL forums to vent.

Gotta wonder sometimes if a good thing is too good of thing and they don’t (still?!?) have the man power to handle all the support needed in a timely fashion or at least the very bare minimum your clients come away feeling they’ve made positive contact with a human being. Are things so different in China when it comes to dealing with customers or is language an issue here or what?!?

I realize there’s not much in terms of support or the very apparent issue with support of any kind but I am still thankful BL came up with something that just works 110% better than any other printer out of the box.

I just gotta say I am apparently yet another person who has decided enough is enough regarding anything prior to Bambu hitting the scene and am now in the process of reducing the list below to only two printers. I am sick and tired of the hand holding (con), learning (has to happen anyway, pro), improving via user upgrades (can go either way but am still on the fence regarding some things for my P1P), etc that were needed for anything before the Pooper came along.

Was hoping the K1 Max was the same thing only larger…Please Bambu make a 300m square build space printer. The quality of prints off the K1 Max ares no where near the P1P but it will have to do for now.

OneZ I3
CR-10S “Trailer Maker”
CR-10S “Black Betty”
Ender 5 Pro “Ginger”
Ender 5 Plus “Wilson”
P1P “Pooper”
K1 Max “Max”