“Generic” RFID suport

I understand why Bambu may not be able to easily open up their RFID algorithm. So here is an alternative:

Add AMS support for a simple RDID format.

The AMS wouldn’t care what was in these two parts. It would only use the first part for matching “similar” filament. The second part could be used for “same” matching.

The user could program anything they want in these two parts but a common choice might be …

  • part 1 = filament type
  • part 2 = filament color

For user with exacting needs they could include brand in part 1 or part 2.

This algorithm would be easy for users to customize to their needs while not burdening Bambu.


This would be cool, I would even be happy with a Bambu rfid product that was user programable.


Awesome Idea. I have several RFID useless at home.

Should be rippable? (I’m not sure if this is against terms of service with Bambu, apologies if it is, please delete this post, I’m sorry!)
Anyone tried?

There is a github repo (forgot name) that has dumps of the data from the tags. There is a lot of data and no one has been able to reverse-engineer it yet.