Gift Cards sold out?

How do you sell out of gift cards?

By only generating X amount of codes. It is better to have them sold out for a few hours while new ones are generated than to have too many generated so people can try to brute force redeem them.

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I’m assuming that they will be back shortly. I found a post on reddit about a week ago and the EU cards went to sold out and were back in 24 hours.

xsynatic is most likely correct and they just have to reset the system periodically.

I would think it would be good if redeemed gift cards were marked so that you can keep track of which ones you have already redeemed.


Note from Bambu support:


Thank you for contacting MakerWorld Team.

The redemption feature is temporarily unavailable due to the system updating, and it will be back shortly.

We apologize for the inconvenience that may have occurred and appreciate your patience and understanding.



Cards back be fast :slight_smile:

I would assume it’s only generated/activated upon redemption, so why not generate an unlimited amount?


Can you please read it all, not just the parts you want that would be nice thx :slight_smile:

If it generates codes as needed, how can it be brute-forced? it doesn’t exist before I ask for one. once I got it, it’s the same problem, so in general it would be way better to either add a second code to the gift card or lock it down to the account but that’s a whole other talk