Gift Cards!

With the holidays right around the corner you would think you guys would start selling gift cards!?!?!? I feel like you are leaving money on the table. Well I don’t feel it I KNOW IT!!

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I could sell you some if Bambu Lab doesn’t have time to set this up before Christmas, what region are you in?

Maybe just need to ask support if this is allowed first. @Tanklet is this breaking the guidelines?

How did you get gift cards?

You can get them by redeeming points in MakerWorld

What gift cards? Bambu has launched Black Friday discounts for the US-based customers but there’s nothing even remotely similar for the EU-based ones. The price discrepancy for filament and accessories during Black Friday between the US and the EU is absolutely outrageous. Don’t trust my words; just check for yourselves by accessing Bambu’s dedicated sale sites for the US and for the EU. You’ll see immediately what I’m talking about.
Bambulab, this is BS and I find the manner in which your EU customers are treated being discriminatory and unjustified.

My friend, This thread is about gift cards lmao.

But what are you talking even about? EU has the exact same percentual discount. There is like a $20 dollar difference on 10 spools, most likely due to national shipping and stuff inside US is cheaper than international shipping over the entire EU, currency exchange rates and all that stuff.

Also jeesh, even if you were correct, you are not being discriminated against by someone else getting a deal, that is the opposite, it would be discrimination if they specifically wanted the EU to pay more, not the US to pay less. But the EU has the exact same percentual discounts…

What’s with the entitlement… More importantly, even with the black Friday sales, eSUN’s filaments are still cheaper, so why even bother? Get your ■■■■ together man…

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LOL…Weel, that’s not what I’ve seen on their sale website, but like you said, after posting my frustration, I’ve got my sh1t together and looked at alternatives. And just ordered my new batch of 10kg of various filaments from eSun. As for the accessories, well there are always competitors on AliExpress ready to fill in the “gap”.

Maybe you should check the website yourself then…
Here’s a comparison:

EU: 40% off 8 rolls or more, total €179,94 ≈ $196
US: 40% off 8 rolls or more, total $167,94
eSUN: Permanent bundle discount, $175.99

Minor differences, most likely due to shipping and discrepancies you get with “free shipping” offers etc.

eSUN do offer black Friday 50% off but sold out pretty quick, ePLA, $10,99 per spool so 10 spools $109,90

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No you can’t. Looking at the Point Shop in makeworld, almost everything is showing Sold Out, even the gift card some how. My assumption is maybe they are ending the rewards thing. If so it really stupid to end the rewards first, vs ending the accumulation of said points first. I almost have enough for a gift card, but now they show sold out.

Disclaimer: I’m unaware if they “restock,” I just know from what I’ve seen of the other rewards above, those have all been sold out for week+ now so this is how I came to the conclusion

Perhaps Bambu only has a budget of X amount of funds allocated to gift cards per month? It would make sense to limit it from an accounting point of view.


Happened to EU region, there was some threads on reddit, it was resolved within a day or two and were restocked.

Delay the panic just a day or two.

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They are restocked as of a few minutes ago