Global color change for downloaded model

I’m sorry if this has been asked before. It seems like there must be a way to do this, but I can’t find it.

I just downloaded this “Date Keeper” calendar, which consists of a lot of multi-colored objects. When I resync my AMS, it turns all the parts the wrong color, because I don’t have the colors in the same spots in the AMS. Now I know that when I send the model to the printer, the slicer (or Bambu Handy) will allow me to re-assign my colors to the model colors, but there are lots of reasons I’d rather do it before I slice the file.

So is there a way to globally re-assign the colors from my AMS to the model’s colors? For example, in this case, I needed to reassign all of Spool 1 to Spool 2, and all of Spool 3 to Spool 4. I ended up going through and doing them all manually, and made a few mistakes along the way. There must be a way to do this automatically.

So if the colors are the same from spool 1 to spool 2 or any location for that matter the easiest way todo this is make sure the filament type is the one you are going to use and then slice the plate and then use Send to send the project to the printer you can then print from the printers menu and you will be presented with the dialog to match the colors and it should pick the correct rolls, it will pick up the colors if they are in diffrent locations. You can also hit print in the print view you can then select the correct rolls here in circled you can tap and re assign.

If this is not what you mean need a little more to understand the ask.

You can also make sure you are in your selected printer if you have more than one and drop down the filament you want to change one at a time and select where the new one is coming from.

These are the three main ways to change the locations and types.

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And just in case you have not tried i would not use Sync or Re-Sync options in the filament bar it will mess up the current assigned colors. Personally i think it should check and assign the proper slots if the color exists but it does not.

And no there is not Auto button that works. None that i have seen or know about. Would love to be wrong.

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Personally I never resync my AMSs with Bambu Studio, I usually just manually select the relevant exact filament colour tints from the list provided from the currently connected printers AMSs into whatever colour slot in BS the model wants them to be in.

Then at print time I double check to make sure that the correct AMS channel has been selected for each BS colour slot,


I read through your first message three times before I realized that both parts of it could help me. Essentially, I wanted to reassign the filaments without going to the print dialog, so that I could see how it would print with my specific filaments.

I finally realized that I could change the filaments to my filaments, even though they won’t have the right AMS number on them (because I didn’t re-sync them, per your suggestion). Then at least I should get the correct print duration and other stats. Of course, I still have to check the spool assignment when I do print.

Thank you for taking the time to help.

Thank you for that. Honestly, I’ve been resynching pretty much automatically, so I didn’t even realize I could just choose which filament I wanted to be used for what. (And what’s up with the sync button? It rarely shows the correct information.)

I may be misreading what you are asking but just in case others are not aware, in Bambu Studio, under Process select Objects instead of global. Then select the object you want to change, then click on the color to pick the color you want. I had to click on the colored box a couple times to get the color dropdown to show.

Right. The problem was that the project I was working on at the time had almost 100 objects. It seemed reasonable that there would be a way to change them in a batch instead of going through the list and changing each one.