Glossy filament becomes dull

hey i have the problem that my glossy pla is printed with the standard settings on dull but some layers are also glossy in between…
do you have an idea how I can adjust this so that glossy pla is always printed glossy

Many filaments lose the glossy touch when printed fast → reducing print-speed. :slight_smile:

I used silent mode with generic PLA setting and my print turned out perfect. Takes longer but worth it …

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Either try printing slower, or try printing in smaller layers or try increasing temperature by 10ºC.

Give his a read:
Printing with silk filaments | Bambu Lab Wiki

Here’s a tip for setting the speed as a single # and in a per-filament manner, rather than adjusting a bunch of other settings elsewhere: Eryone Filament? someone printed? - #5 by TechnicallyReal

Did you ever find a solution? I have tried reducing the speed and adjusting the temperature but with no difference…