Eryone Filament? someone printed?

Hi guys,
anyone printed ERYONE Filament? I have three fresh spools silk, matte and standart pla over. i looked in the sheet and they are saying max 60mm/s printspeed.
someone tested on our bambu´s?

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Yes I have printed with Eryone.

I printed it normally on the standard speed of the Bambu.
With 0.4 Nozzle and 0.2 Layerheight

For silk, drop your outside speeds by about 50%. This was printed using Eryone multicolor silk.

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thanks guys. the silk photos looks really nice. i have rainbow silk here.
so i don´t have to drop the material in the trash and will give it a try.

I’m using Ereyone filaments without issues.

For silks in particular you should lower print speed and raise temperature (there’s a page on the Bambu wiki about this). When lowering speed, I found the best way is to edit the max volumetric speed for the filament profile and leave the other speeds in the quality profile alone. The slicer will limit speeds appropriately based on the filament chosen.

There’s a simple formula to convert mm/s to mm/s³:

Eg, if you know the max speed for a specific filament should be 90mm/s, then calculate the max volumetric speed in mm³/s like this:
SPEED_IN_MM³/S = 90 x 0.20 x 0.4
SPEED_IN_MM³/S = 7.2

Simply put 7.2 in the filament profile and leave everything else alone.


TTYT3D rainbow filement on a p1p with default PLA settings on silent mode…


I get nice results with Eryone Silk PLA with the following settings using Softfever fork of Bambu Studio with manual calibration:
Flow ratio 1.01
Pressure advance: 0.026
Nozzle temperature: 220 °C
Max volumetric speed: 12 mm³/s
All other settings including speeds are based on the Generic PLA profile.

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Bambu Labs recommends printing silk with an outside wall speed of 50. Apparently you can leave everything else in standard configuration.

OK Dude, you and me got some issues now.

My WIFE saw this and now you have to tell me where it and the Dragons came from or else. :grin:

Thanks a lot Buddy. You’re going to owe me a couple rolls of color change. And I was saving it for something else, too!


Do you need the hardened nozzle for this filament or does p1p standard nozzle work just fine?

Standard nozzle for almost everything except carbon-filled, glass-filled, and glow-in-the-dark.

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