Glow in the dark filament

Getting ready for Halloween, I’m looking for glow-in-the-dark filament. I can find it at Inland, but I see something like that isn’t from Bambulabs. Other providers make their own.

Since Bambu doesn’t have one, does anyone have a brand they’ve had good experiences with they would recommend?

Check out CNC Kitchen’s video on the subject. Glow in the dark filament is abrasive so a hardened nozzle may be a good choice.

I like Hatchbox glow pla filament.


I’ve had good success with eSUN. I agree with @lasermike about the hardened nozzle. It can potentially jam a 0.4 nozzle, but no problems with 0.6.

thanks, i was just looking to buy glow in the dark pla

colorFabb Glowfill is just the best. It has the nicest surface finish and its glow was second best in CNC Kitchen’s video. Print great and is has good mechanical properties compared to other materials. A bit expensive, though.