Good PCTG Profile

Hello everyone,
Because I learned a lot reading this forum, I want to share also my work.
I tried a lot of different profiles to print PCTG, and I think I’ve reached a really good quality.

I use only white PCTG from 3DJake (made in Europe) : 3DJake White PCTG
The spool looks the same as the spool from Extrudr ([](https://Extrudr PCTG)) so maybe it’s the same manufacturer, but I’m not sure, I never tried it.

I use this filament to make precise pieces with food contact, so that’s why I only use the white filament.

You will maybe need to change a bit some settings for other colors, or other manufacturers, but it’s a good start.

I use the stock 0.4 nozzle on my P1P.

I use Orca Slicer, and i did all the calibration process for this filament. (And it was really not enough to reach this printing quality).

First, filament profile :

The process settings for my clean and precise pieces at 0.12 layer height :

The process settings for a piece with no food contact and a faster print :

  • Quality / Layer height : 0.24mm.
  • Quality / Ironing : OFF
  • Quality / Seam : Nearest
  • Strength / Advanced / Infill combination : ON
  • Others / G-Code Output / Reduce Infill retraction : ON

And those speeds :

Feel free to share in this topics different settings, I will be happy to test them and if it’s better I will edit the initial settings.

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Here is a part in PCTG with the 0.12mm layer height.
(Don’t mind the green/blue bottom, it is TPU)

Here you can see the seam :


Thanks for sharing! Do you also have quite bad layer adhesion? I am struggling with the Extrudr PCTG.

No sorry, I have a very good layer adhesion, the parts are really strong.