Good PCTG Profile

Hello everyone,
Because I learned a lot reading this forum, I want to share also my work.
I tried a lot of different profiles to print PCTG, and I think I’ve reached a really good quality.

I use only white PCTG from 3DJake (made in Europe) : 3DJake White PCTG
The spool looks the same as the spool from Extrudr ([](https://Extrudr PCTG)) so maybe it’s the same manufacturer, but I’m not sure, I never tried it.

I use this filament to make precise pieces with food contact, so that’s why I only use the white filament.

You will maybe need to change a bit some settings for other colors, or other manufacturers, but it’s a good start.

I use the stock 0.4 nozzle on my P1P.

I use Orca Slicer, and i did all the calibration process for this filament. (And it was really not enough to reach this printing quality).

First, filament profile :

The process settings for my clean and precise pieces at 0.12 layer height :

The process settings for a piece with no food contact and a faster print :

  • Quality / Layer height : 0.24mm.
  • Quality / Ironing : OFF
  • Quality / Seam : Nearest
  • Strength / Advanced / Infill combination : ON
  • Others / G-Code Output / Reduce Infill retraction : ON

And those speeds :

Feel free to share in this topics different settings, I will be happy to test them and if it’s better I will edit the initial settings.


Here is a part in PCTG with the 0.12mm layer height.
(Don’t mind the green/blue bottom, it is TPU)

Here you can see the seam :


Thanks for sharing! Do you also have quite bad layer adhesion? I am struggling with the Extrudr PCTG.

No sorry, I have a very good layer adhesion, the parts are really strong.

Thanks for this. Had a lot of trouble getting PCTG from extrudr right.
Did a Benchy with your settings and it came out really good (filament was still a bit wet after 3h of drying, will dry it some more for “actual” prints)

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Thank you for your feedback

Thank you so much for posting!!! First attempt is a few hours in and is absolutely flawless so far. Literal lifesaver.

Hello Dobainier,
what printplate do you use?

Hello, I use the stock textured PEI plate of the P1P

Thank you very much for your information!

Thanks for posting this. I just bought some PCTG to see if it would print a vase I found. I originally printed it in PLA and it broke very easily. I used your settings to print it in Spectrum Transparent PCTG. It is very strong and it looks great. I need to modify some of the print settings but it still looks great!


Cool vase, what are the lines that we see near the top ?
Yes you’ll need to optimise those settings because the parts are really differents.
I already changed some settings from the first post because of testing and new features in Orca Slicer, I will update this post soon.


Thank you for sharing!!! Very usefull!
I’m very interested in this filament. Wondering why is not more popular…

Any follow-up on updated settings. I think you can export both filament settings and print profiles as .json that you could upload to GitHub or wherever and we could import, probably easier then a bunch of screenshots.

Another way to share settings is to use the “Compare Presets” tool, which, in one screen capture, can show only the changes from the defaults we all have. It is much easier to change a few parameters than to examine every item in multiple screenshots looking for differences.

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Anyone trying this on a P1S? I am having problems with blobs on the nozzle. I have been carrying out some tests, but I can’t seem to find the right settings.