Guessing AMS 00.06.40 won't work properly on an X1C with 1.04.00.?

Grabbed a 2nd AMS last week and finally got around to hooking it up tonight only to discover that it won’t read/input information from the rfid tags or store any manually entered information from that unit. After fussing around I see the new AMS unit is the .06.40 firmware and my old unit is still .05.96 running on 1.04 firmware and functions just as it should.

So I know what you are thinking, “why haven’t you updated?” well with every release the reports of new problems popping up has kept me in the state of “if it ain’t broke no need to fix it” plus I rely on the machine for making money so last thing I want is a bricked machine or such. I was temped to upgrade right before the rollback feature was nixed due to the x1plus fiasco.