Guide: Calibrate & Tune Your 3d Printer From A to Z

“This guide will help you calibrate and tune your 3d printer from A to Z — and should work with most common printers and firmwares!”

Pro Tip: There is some information in this guide that does not apply to Bambu Lab printers (if that’s all you own). Look for this compatibility note at the top of each section:


But not a Bambu printer.


Did you look at the guide? How did you come to the conclusion that none of the advice applies to a Bambu printer?

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I did.
Gantry squaring? No
Extruder calibration? No
First layer squish? No
Motor currents? No

This is a reasonable (though largely duplicative of what has been written elsewhere) guide for a more traditional printer, but little applies to the Bambu. Pressure Advance is not exposed in Bambu Studio (though is in the Softfever fork.) None of the instructions for how to adjust things that CAN be adjusted are for Bambu Studio. If I were a novice trying to follow this guide, I’d be hopelessly lost.

That said, there are some useful ideas in there if you already understand the fine details.


Nice & interesting website but I would agree that this tutorial is a bit overkill and would probably cause more confusion than solutions for Bambulab Studio & Bambulab printers users.


The beauty of this guide is that it covers all of the most common FDM printing issues. While this information can be found in bits and pieces in all corners of the Internets, it’s nice to have it all pulled together and explained in great detail.

As the guide explains in the Welcome section, each page has a pink banner at the top indicating its compatibility with different printers. For example, the Gantry Squaring section clearly indicates it’s for the Voron V2. So, Bambu Lab printer owners should disregard that section.

The fact that all of the information in this guide doesn’t apply to Bambu Lab printers specifically does not make the guide useless.

In my opinion, most of the guide isn’t useful to Bambu owners and would just be confusing to many. For other printers, I usually direct them to Teaching Tech 3D Printer Calibration (

There are bits here and there that I found interesting and had not seen before, but I’m experienced enough (11 years 3D printing) to know how to apply them to a Bambu printer; most of those require use of the SoftFever fork to use at all.


Another good guide. You should create a new thread and post it.

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The one I linked to is even less useful to Bambu owners - I recommend this to Creality and Prusa users. Eventually someone will put together a guide that Bambu users can follow.


True, but it would be helpful to share known guides as it’s better than not having anything to reference when trying to troubleshoot issues.

I like how the guide I posted in this thread explains which information can be applied to (nearly) all FDM 3D printers. Assuming people are reading from the top, that should hopefully steer them away from information that might not be so helpful.