Hardened Steel Extruder Gear Assembly without the bearings!?

One delivery had two bearing shells, one didn’t? Were they with you?

It didn’t came with mine. It just had the gear assembly like on the photo you find in the store.

There seems to have been an update. I have seen photos of hardened sets with helical gears. Maybe they now also include a fresh bearing.
Is one set helical and the other isn’t by any chance?

I ordered a set a few weeks ago in the eu warehouse and received the regular straight gears. I assume it was older stock… not really happy

Edit: Found the thread with the image of the helical set - actually yours Hardened Steel Extruder without stock?

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They both look the same. So it’s normal that there aren’t any! Thank You Bambu :laughing:

Today I also received a set with 2 bearings. (eu warehouse)

Just had a quick look, the last set was with extra bearing and the other set was without extra bearings and with the old model teeth I think.
Just like in the previous photo. My new steel extruder also contained the gray one with the new model teeth,

I’m interested in the specifics because I want the helical gears.

Your post unfortunately is a bit convoluted. I would appreciate it if you could state what you ordered and what you received in the order you received today.

Sorry my english is not that good.

The order was set of Extruder Gear Construction of hardened steel.
And a stainless steel extruder unit - P1P

The order included the extra bearing with the hardening steel gear.
You cannot order an extruder unit with hardening steel gear for P1S.
photo the steel gear from the new extruder unit. The hardened steel gear looks the same as the gray one, only in black.

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Okay this is wild… why is it the products we purchase keep getting revisions and changed without anything said??

The helical design should’ve been like that day 1…

If i’m mistaken please correct me, but isn’t the X1C hardened steel gears compatible with all the printers (P1 series / X1 Series)?

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Great. Thanks for taking the time to clarify!

Issue is the filament sensor when you need the whole extruder unit - the cables/connectors for the X1/P1 are different. So you end up with hardened gears but the wrong sensor when ordering the X1 extruder for the P1.

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