Hardened steel nozzle on P1S disadvantages


I just wonder if there are some disadvantages in using a Hardened steel nozzle on P1S compared to the original one?

I usually print PETG and sometimes need to use CF.

None that I know of.


Brass nozzles conduct heat better. You may find that with the hardened steel nozzle you may need to increase nozzle temperatures for filaments you normally print. So you may see surface differences and layer adhesion issues if you don’t tune your settings.

Bambu printers only come with either a stainless or hardened steel nozzle. There is no option for a brass nozzle unless you foray into 3rd party hot ends at which point you’re on your own to calibrate.


Ahh you’re right, they do come with stainless. I mistakenly thought they were brass. So yeah … no real disadvantage going to the hardened.

I’ve had no issues with mine. I replaced my stainless nozzle and OEM extruder gears for the hardened ones before I’d even set the printer up to do it’s first print.

I also replaced my extruded gears and nozzle for hardened ones on my P1S printer before even turning it on. Easier to do when new.