Has anyone ever gotten a correct order from bambu labs in US?

Four orders, including my X1C combo. Lots of parts, sheets, filament. Fast service, and exactly correct. I also like their parts packaging. It’s nice having parts depots in the U.S.

Its 50/50 lol. In my case, it really sucks because I know how the support experience is. At this point, I would rather eat the loss. The split packaging issues have been well known since bambu started and theyve done nothing to fix it.

Just read around the forums and youll see the truth. Also check how old accounts are when they say everything is always perfect. There are some accounts that only comment on threads like this to say everything is great.

My more recent orders have started shipping out of a New Jersey warehouse which has been fantastic as it provides 2 day shipping to Ohio. When ever it was coming out of California my orders would often take a full week or longer with packages sitting in various hub locations for days on end for no reason.

I cashed in my Prusament points a couple of months back for a roll of filament and was appalled at the shipping cost. Prusa apparently ships out of eastern Europe making shipping quite expensive even though I tacked on a few paid rolls of additional filament. I very much appreciate Bambu having US based stock from the beginning and continued investments in this space.

Similar thing for me. The upgrade was broken into two shipments.
What do you mean by “closed”? The order shows that it’s fulfilled. And it only shows one tracking number for shipping - BUT I did get an email notification that there were two separate shipments. I think it’s a limitation with the store web site that the orders can only link a single shipment tracking number.