Has anyone ever gotten a correct order from bambu labs in US?

Evey order i have placed has been insanely off. I ordered p1p to p1s upgrade
And this is what i got. I still have tickets open from other orders not fulfilled from 2 months ago.

I ordered all the nozzles in one order, then a plate and accessory in another, both orders were correct. Shipping wasn’t super fast but decent.

I have ordered stuff three times over the last 10 months. No problems. Perfectly packaged with no damage.

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Every order that I’ve made has been correct.

I received all my orders without any problems.

I have 5 orders including the printer since end of May 23 consisting of filament and spare parts and a second AMS this week. All packed great and ship correctly.

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You just need to wait. The other stuff ship in a separate box. I have placed over a dozen orders and never had a single issue

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I’ve received five shipments from Bambu, all were correct, all were received without damage.

My only shipping frustration is that there always seems to be a delay of 2-4 days between the time the shipping label is created and the time the carrier receives the package.

The only issue (and wasn’t really an issue)
But I had ordered the spare parts bundle and received only 2 things.

I thought at first what the heck until I discovered that it was coming in 2 packages.

I have ordered 12 different things from Bambu and no problems

No issues with the actual items being correct.

I’ve placed 8 or so orders in the US so far. All have been 100% correct.

I apreciate the responses. It is nice to know I am an annomoly I suppose. First order I had gotten a p1p add on kit and didnt receive the anti vibration feet. Cusromer service posted a pic of what i purchased and said anti vibration feet are not included. Well , look at pic yourself. Now getting only 3 of the items for p1p to p1s and they mark order complete is upsetting.

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I have a couple dozen orders placed, and only one was off. They actually sent an extra spool of PLA Support.

I know this isn’t the case, but I think they’re trying to get rid of the PLA support. I don’t know of anyone that is using it - but that’s totally anecdotal. I have 2 sealed boxes of PLA support, and 1 of PET support that I’ve been trying to sell. Just won’t use it - it’s easier to just use a different filament I already have loaded in the AMSs for the interface.

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I finally got rest of upgrase in a second shipment. A wekk later. My fonfidence in customer service had been shot after 1st experience. Panic is over now to build.


I have done many hundreds of dollars in orders for parts and filament and everything has shown up as expected.

Ordered 8 spools of filament with 3 glue stick combo…
Received (1) glue stck. Order closed as fulfilled.
I opened a ticket yesterday.
Zero others in transit.
$212.00 for a single glue stck?

Hoping gets corrected so do not have to do a stop payment…
Zero,phone support so all a guessing game

Was your order closed, then got the missing stuff shipped?
I’m also leary atm,Missing 8 rolls of filament + 2 glue sticks.
Only one shipment for 1lb (one glue stick) was on my closed order.

Glad your oder was fixed, gives me hope

All of mine were eventually cleared up. I had really bad experiences with any(something) a competitor and when antvibration feet were missing from a bundle i ordeerd were not included in shipment and CR rep posts picture of bundle link saying they were not included , yet almost entire pic he posted was anti vibration feet, I didnt have much faith. They have come through with all, it just took time.

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It seems their shipping will ship part and send rest 2 weeks later, yet mark as complete. They need a better setup so we can see multiple shipments.

So 100% simple mistake on their part.,
Got email just now apologized, explained order was split in two parts. The second package shipped will be here Wednesday .
Happy …but we will see what Wednesday brings.
They said second shipment was never updated for what ever reason.
Supposed to have hub and second AMS delivered FedEx today .
But no filament :laughing: