Header doesn't show the Current forum or provide for site navigation

Starting from the Bambu lab Community Forum main page
I select a forum to browse, in this case the feedback forum
I then select a topic.
When I am done reading the topic there is no button for the forum in the header. (I do realize that I can use the browser back button.) The lack of the forum eliminates two functions.

  • clicking on the forum would take me to the forum page with the list of topics to read
  • I can always see at a glance what forum the current topic is part of.

While I mentioned using the back button for the above example, and I would even know what forum the topic was part of, the real issue is when a user arrives on a topic page from a external link or search and not by navigation within the forum. They are then left in a location without an easy way to navigate. The only choice is to go to the community forum main page.

Please add the Forum Title to the header after the web site title.

Ex: Bambu Lab Community Forum/Site Feedback