Help identify this

I found this on the floor in front of my P1S and AMS unit. I had just finished clearing a jammed filament in the AMS unit. I don’t know if the item is part of my system or not.

It is a gray colored soft flexible material that is about 7 mm in height and 8 mm in diameter.

I’ve taken apart my AMS a few times and the feeders as well. I don’t remember seeing any part similar.


Thank you for the response I appreciate you taking the time to reply.

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That’s a bushing from the top front lift bearings (one on each side). That needs to be in or the screw shafts will be loose and table moves. Sure to show up in prints.

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Thank you. I was missing a bushing from the front right side. I was able to install the bushing easily. I really appreciate your input as I had no clue to what the part was.