Help with PETG

Hello, I’ve been printing for a while with PLA and had some great results. And I’ve recently started experimenting with PETG and ran into some issues mainly being the inconsistency of the print quality. I have tried various settings profiles and honestly find the best so far to be the bambu default one for basic PETG. No problems with stringing or layer adhesion for the most part, the problem seems to be with the smaller parts of the model that require the next layer sooner and perhaps the previous one is still too hot? And the same applies with the corners in smaller parts.

I have attached pictures of prints done with the same settings so you will see what i mean. There is a test print pillar model which turned out good and a katana blade that is pretty decent except for the tip piece. Also it doesnt slide very smooth so the surface is obviously a bit rough.

Any advise would be great thanks :grin: