Help with STL file

Hello ,

can anybode help me understand why after slice i have lost the filling in the globe ?
i can share the STL file if someone is willing to help me. im new to this and cant understand why its not printing it :frowning:
thank you very much in advance

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Maybe the thickness is to low for your nozzle or printing settings. How thick ist the contour inside the globe?

Try to use Arachne instead of Classic. You might need to switch to Advanced options, I can’t remember where in Bambu Studio is this option located. Anyway, Arachne is better in slicing thin walls.


Arachne is located in the quality menu. you need to have advanced enabled. you’ll find it under wallgenerator (classic or arachne).

Seema like this did the trick , gonna try to print it once back . But after slice all was where it should be !
Thank you so much ! Yay :sunny:

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I’m new to 3D printing and couldn’t for the life of me figure out what setting I needed to tweak to fix my slicing. Arachne solved the issue! Thank you so much, and hats off to OP for asking the question.

Glad to help.
I wish all issues were so easy to resolve. :slight_smile: