Hide Daily Tips popup

I must be missing the obvious.
Does anyone know how to hide the daily tips popup?
For some reason, the tip appears on my screen every time slicing finishes
How can I make it stop?

The down arrow to the right of “File” at the top left. Select Preferences and uncheck “Show “Tip of the Day” notification after start”.

While you’re in there, Enable Dark Mode. You’re welcome.


Thank you JonRaymond.
Maybe I’m missing it, but I can’t see that option in my version of Bambu Studio ( Asia Pacific region)

Tip of the Day is listed in the Help sub menu but that just brings one up.
Dark mode is helpful; thanks


You’re not missing it. I’m still using 1.7.7 and for that I apologize. Will have to do some investigating.

Edit - Seems like it’s a known bug.


You can solve doing this method:

1 - Windows + R Key → %APPDATA%\BambuStudio → Press Ok/Enter
2 - Edit File with notepad or any text editor
3 - Find value: “show_daily_tips”: true,
4 - Replace by: “show_daily_tips”: false
5 - Save File
6 - Restart Your Bambu Studio

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Click the “Collapse” arrows, then the X to close the box. The tips no longer appear, just an option to display.

Orcaslicer has the option to display/not display in Preferences.

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