High speed print issues

Good morning. First off I really have enjoyed my out of the box experience with the P1P. I had about 50 prints down using various type and brand of filament with no issues even using the Ludacris speed. But I am not having issue with my prints. If I print normal they are perfect issue is printing faster speeds. The picture you will see the first 1/3rd is printing at normal speed. Then the messed up areas is the Ludacris Speed. Then the top leveled off cause I went back to normal speed. I don’t believe I have messed with anything in the sliver program, but possible, and printing prior to this had no issues at any speed with a variety of filaments. Any help or idea on this is much welcomed. Yes I understand the higher speed is not for all print and loose quality but with what I am printing that isn’t as big of an issue just wanting to learn how to fix it. Thank you. Also I should mention the area messing up it only the inner wall. Exterior wall is fine. And this has happens on other print not just this one.

Did you move or otherwise change the printer’s environment? Updated the firmware? In any event, it’s probably worth recalibrating the printer, as the fast modes cause a lot of vibration that it needs to be able to deal with - your previous calibration may have been lost or no longer valid.

I should have mentioned that I have recalibrated several time. No change in environment still same room and temp. What’s odd is that it only affects the inner wall while the out it perfect. I was thinking somehow I messed up the slice or something. Again right out of the box no issues at all and all I did was just slice and go. Is it possible I need to somehow “reset” my Bambu Studio and try it again?

I’m really not an expert here, so hopefully others will chime in :wink: but do you have an old gcode file from when it was printing OK - possibly saved to the SD card? If you can find one, might be worth trying to print that and if it prints OK, it may well be new settings in the slicer. For example, the last-version-but-one switched to using Arachne by default for wall generation, but then they switched it back to Classic in the last update ( - perhaps that causes issues, IDK…

I will look. I did try that thinking I was using an older file but it very well could have been a recent one. I will go an look again. Just perplexed. I am sure since it is printing find on normal that its either a slicer issue on my side or cooling or something else entirely I am just not even sure of or over looking ha.

Swap in a spare nozzle.

Your current nozzle may be developing a slight clog, which reduces the max flow rate of the nozzle, which would only be evident at speeds where the max rate needs to exceed that limit.

Your nozzle might also be bent slightly, which tends to cause problems on only one side of the print.

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Ok awesome. I will try that. Thought crossed my mind but wasn’t sure on it all yet. Once I get a chance to try it I will report back.x thanks again

Thank you all for your help. I got a chance a swapped the nozzle this evening. I bought a .04 Hardened Nozzel and installed it. I found on the old one there was a small metal splinter right at the tip and in the way of the nozzle. After I replaced all back to good now. Thanks again