Holes in prints without any changes to settings

Hey everyone, so I’ve slowly been experiencing more and more problems with my p1p. First it was terrible scarring on top of any surface that the auxilary fan I installed touched. Since then I’ve been making out okay with profiles that dont use the auxilary fan. None of my settings have changed but recently I started getting little holes all through my prints (see attached). That’s on a verticle climb but I’ve also been getting the same holes on top surfaces. With silks I slow the top surface speed down to a crawl of 20mm/s and the same holes are happening there. Doesn’t seem to matter which filament, I opened a couple new rolls just to see, dried some, same deal. Holes through everything. Calibration has been done with a few of my most used filaments and still, holes :man_shrugging: I’m at a loss here… my p1s is pretty reliable but has started to do the same thing of scarring the top surfaces of flat objects wherever the aux fan is hitting… I don’t understand why both of my printers are going downhill so fast when a couple months ago they were making perfect prints with the same settings? The second with the black piece is the top surface of a flat object in my p1s, which is usually the reliable one. What do I do here?

The second picture looks like the print is warping and the nozzle is hitting it.

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Random missing material on vertical walls are an indication of material flow issues e.g. filament feeding issues (dirty/worn extruder gears, bowden tubing wear, foreign objects in filament path,…), nozzle temp issues (missing/damaged silicon sock, poor thermal contact of temp sensor) , partial nozzle blockage and/or wear/damage,…etc.

Yep look that way to me too

Or filament needing to be dried.

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Swapped out the hotend for another .04, the hotend fan has been missing a fin since I got the p1p and its quite noisy. Took the opportunity to swap that out for one from a .06 that was new. Wouldn’t work, tried a second spare hotend fan I had, wouldnt work either. The 3rd fan I had to try has this connector on the end for some reason and I have no way to connect it. I couldnt believe that the 2 spares threw the hotend fan is not fast enough code. I double triple checked they were bith connected and both didn’t work. Took the old one with the missing fin that ai just took off and it works? Loud as it’s ever been but it’s working. Why would my spare and one off of a brand new .06 complete hotend not work? And why does the fan from my p1p spare parts kit have the wrong connector? Im so confused…
I’ve recently swapped out some tubing for the ams that was wearing but I can’t seem to find any other place where it’s worn. I have some spare extruder gears… I guess that’ll be my last stop if I can’t get these missing spots to stop.

I make sure everything that goes through the p1s is 10% or under

It was lifted, it really didnt look like it from the bottom but eyeing it from the side it was warped. I don’t understand why PLA I’ve had good luck with would warp so badly.

Well… the hotend replacement didn’t help, cant find any wear in the bowden tubing, it really sucks but I guess I’ll have to swap out extruder gears.

looks like the fan connector for the X1 and not the P1

Pla normally doesn´t warp especially on a thin part like the flow test ones. What you have is poor build plate adhesion.

As for the hotends you swapped, make sure those connector are positioned and seated well

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That’s unfortunate… That’s the fan that came with my p1p spare parts bundle when they did that. The bundle was missing the hotbed cable (a 6 dollar piece at the time) and it took a month of back and forth with support before they would send the replacement on it’s 2 week journey here. All of hat was probably 6 months ago so unfortunately I’m stuck with an x1 fan.

As for why my 2 new fans from complete hotend kits refuse to work in my p1p, I have no sweet clue. I double and triple checked that the connector was seated properly and they were. Still, they wouldn’t spin and both threw the same code. As soon as I put the old noisy hotend fan on the new hotend it worked…
I can’t even guess as to why two brand new hotend fans won’t work but it’ll be a very bad day when thid old noisy one dies.

My other issue with the p1p is from the auxilary fan Ininstalled, I have to run profiles with no aux on it or else whatever the aux fan hits has a destroyed top layer, not warped like I realized the p1s was. Just scarred badly on top, I’ll try to print 5 x 100mm coasters in the formation of 5 on a set of dice :game_die:. The middle coaster bottom end of the top 2 and top end of the bottom 2 will all have scarring where the aux has hit them in the middle of the build plate. It’s strange.

I have this problem, it makes the finish look very ugly. Could you help me?

This is bad printing in black but good in red