Holes shape

I have a problem with holes shape with support or without they are all squizzed. Nozzle 0.6. Speed silent. Profiles factory with minor adjustments. How to compensate repair it?

Hi I just received my X1 Carbon. I was just wondering if you ever solved your problem when printing round holes. Printing my second piece today, and come across the same problem. See photo below.

It’s possible I just suck but every printer I’ve ever used prints holes like this on vertical faces, slightly oval shaped. I just use a drill bit of the correct size to clean the hole.

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Higher resolution will give you a less oval hole.

I’m having oval holes in the vertical axis as well. This is happening no matter the speed, nozzle size, resolution, or orientation of the part. I do not have this issue on horizontal axis holes. All firmware and software are up to date. As I type this, I have a thought. I’m using supports, could the slicer be adding spacing between the support and the object via the support/object xy distance setting? I will have to test this in the next couple of days.

Could you explain a bit more/ By what you mean a higher resolution. I am trying to print a part for a Voron 2.4 r2 following there, settings,