Hoping a Christmas sale is planned

Hoping things like the AMS and other add ons go on a Christmas sale. (hint, hint, BambuLab) :wink: :slightly_smiling_face:

If there’s one thing I love about China, it’s that you can place modified express orders on December 23rd that will arrive on December 28th by DHL… Try a discount requwest for China’s New Year, this they may can understand :partying_face:

Well, I’ve seen a lot of Bambu Lab advertising on the screen today - No advertising for the A1, they advertising always the X1. I think prices anyway need to by adjustments in generally become nothing new was coming out and I’m now getting very excited about the CoPrint Chroma PAD… So I have to save money for the summer and save on Christmas gifts for myself :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Well, the X1 is still good but now 1500 euros for a 2 year old printer? So this lead is gone… and if they get hit with copying rights lawsuits (Makerworld), than may the spare parts supplies in the Western world will get under a littel pressure. Well, as long they did the cash, everthing is fine…

My .02 cents. The x1 was for profit (x1e takes this profit margin through the roof) and the a1 was just a stab at the competition for 0 reason. Theres no way they are making a decent profit on the a1. They dont want global leadership, they want to be the only printer company left. Again, my .02 cents based on manufacturing knowledge. Im still searching for their innovation without replication.

Hi StreetSport,

Agree with you and with your origins you recognize it like I do with my years of experience in China…

But they never will achieve this. Prusa is now entering the largest growth market with its Pro series. Brother talks about central printers, Bosch now even offers their printers as annual rentals with full operation, which means that apart from sending the parts to the printer you don’t have to do anything; the maintenance is then carried out entirely by Bosch.

And what Bambulab has? The first printer that has nothing new but almost everyone can afford, the X1 and a A1 which will only push the prices for the X1 into the ground as well and Makerworld which now represents a huge financial risk due to copyright infringement.

Well done - thank you, I’ll gladly to save all those money… :kissing_heart: An if they get their money safe on a Bank in e.g. Singapore, they can go into Retirement so for Bambulab everything is fine as well… You never have to explain to people from a communist country how to get the money to a secur place - and that they have to earn it quickly before someone comes.

And as long you just own one Bambulab you get your expiriance as well and thats more worth then money, becouse thats the future money :wink:

Have a look Teaching Tech’s latest video on the Prusa XL, it looks like rubbish to me.

The Prusa XL is not in there new Pro Serie - The Pro series is probably in a completely different price range…

Yeah those the acquired company’s products they do look good. But the 2 new prusas are having some serious issues.

I don’t know - this market is exploding, it’s hard to keep track of it. But the Prusa Pro HT90, that could be pretty damn interesting in the area of ​​operational maintenance for more expensive infrastructures… where the printer doesn’t have to running but has to be delivered if the clock starts to run… Deep sea ships, oil rigs, large food production and so on. Or simply said any infrastructure that keeps the entire infrastructure running with basic needs, there the new Pro series from Prusa certainly shouldn’t have any sales problems at all…

Looks like a completely new design? I’m not familiar with prusa printers, have they made a delta printer before? The XL is also a completely new design, if the HT90 goes as well as the XL it’s going to be interesting to watch…

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Well, that looks more like the price range of the Leica BLK360 G1 - But when making estimates in this class, I often under or overestimate fast by $10,000. Finding the right judge in this class is just damn difficult… But if no prices are mentioned, it rarely be sold for less than 10,000 USD… and they still have a medical model - Only the registration and prototype tests cost will may drive the Bambulab budget miles under the ground and then we didn’t even talk about the development costs in case of a Medical product… If that works, they may just will be using their tip box for the printer development of the private market.

Just look at this Video of Zortrax’s: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4mYMkbbcG4Y with keywords such as European Space Agency, Deep Space Applications, Railway Classification, Defense and so on… All the keywords probably already use a complete Bambulab budget for the simplest profe of concept.

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