Horrible PETG adhesion with multiple prints at once

I have been trying to get Overture PETG to work on my P1P. So far, these are the techniques I have tried:

  • Gluestick
  • Engineering and high temp plate
  • Cleaning my plate with dish soap and water
  • Changing all the filaments stats according to Overture.com
  • Slowing down print speeds. By a lot.

However, nothing has worked. I am getting artifacts on all my prints, and the first layers only stick if I do one model at a time. currently, I need to be able to print 16 pieces at once, for some tank treads that I cant afford to spend extra time on each print.

Any ideas?
Please help me, I am lost.

Drying your filament? What heatbed temps are you using? Do you have an enclosure? What is your chamber temp? You got cooling off? You printing with brims/rafts? They might help.

@Matt matt I have no need to dry my filament, it stays in a sterile environment and these rolls are new. My heatbed temperature is 70 C, with no enclosure. I print in a house, so my environment maintains 21 C all the time. I have my fan disabled, and I use rafts every print.

Sounds like a cooling/speed issue.

How fast are you going? Why no fans?

Try with 80-90C on the bed, I personally use 85C with PETG. Disable Fan for the first 2-3 layers.

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I Have no fans because i was reading a forum article about it and its what it recommends to get better layer adhesion.
I have scaled down the speeds to about 75%
Thanks i think ill try that

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Just for the first few layers, not the full print.

Scaled the them down by 75%? Or scaled to 75% of original speed? Easier to just post some speeds you are using.

Can you post some pictures of the prints so I can see the quality issues?

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@Matt Sadly, i have no camera that offers quality photos(im a student working on a cheap laptop) so I will try and explain it. My speeds are 75% of what the standard quality presets are,(IDK them off the top of my head, I do not have free access to my computer 24/7)

Just to check, did you level your bed? Being able to make 1 stick but not the rest sounds like the rest of the bed is just slightly off.

If you already ran bed leveling at the start of the job, then maybe 80 degrees heatbed, 25mm/s first layer. What kind of temperatures are you printing your PETG at? I start mine around 240 degrees. Running it lower made it not stick to the bed.

Did you clean the plate? Anytime i have adhesion issues i scrub/clean the plate with alcohol and all good after.