Horrible z lines. What could it be?

I get pretty bad z lines on all my prints. Happens with pla and PETG. Some stuff I have tried is, cleaning everything including rods and lead screws and applying new grease. Tightening all the belts. Recalibrating the printer. Running flow rate calibrations, replacing entire nozzle assembly, and making sure all screws on hotend are tight. I am using only bambu filaments and using bambu slicer (tried orca slicer as well and same result)

Anyone have any ideas on how to fix this?

Check all bed screws, some of them will become loose after time.
For absolute stunning finish, try fuzzy skin option with 0,1 / 0,1

Thank you. I will give that a shot

Hi I have posted this scenario before. I had z bands after I did a monthly maintenance. The reason I do this monthly is I use ABS only and it can cause problems.

So I eventually went back and re did the belt tensioning procedure. I made sure to loosen the four screws on the back but just loosen a little. Then I made patterns with the x gantry in corner to corner movements and then front to back at least 10 times. This helps to let the springs find the right tension for the belts.

After I did that I pushed the gantry all the way to the back and made sure both ends of the gantry was touching the back of the printer.

Then I just snugged up the screws a little.

Followed with a full calibration and a reboot after that.

Also after the reboot you will have to do another bed level and flow dynamic calibration.

This fixed my z banding. I do this every time now and it has never returned.



I figured I would post this in case anyone else ever has the issue a comes across this. While I was installing my bento box air purifier, I had to remove one of the side panels to drill a hole for the wires to run out but anyway upon laying the printer on its side I discovered that the Z belt that’s underneath the printer was incredibly loose. I loosen the tension screw and the spring caused it to move about a quarter inch as it has the automatic tightening feature anyway, I tightened everything back up ran a calibration and now I’m printing fantastic no more lines


z belt underneath the printer? Do you have a picture?

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