Hotend bundles gone

also gone getting greedy BL ??

Or the focus groups told them we might buy it when we first place a printer order but its wasted since the most used things aren’t nozzles or scraping blades its the cutter which can be resharpened with a leather backstrap and those wipe nozzles which most users make themselves. Typically nobody uses the .2 unless you are a hobbyist with a metric shitton of babysitting time to waste, why even offer a SS .4? I’ve had a single nozzle in my machine since day 1 and change my settings accordingly and volume wise the .4 can do almost everything the .6 can do to about 70% of the .6 max flow rate. What this is, is Bambu realizing they have limited space and a entire new line or parts and no room, so things are being reshuffled accordingly

same “bundle” is now DOUBLE the price

a month ago:

Id be madder that you still are paying more than the average US consumer