Hotend nozzle changing tips?

Did my first complete hotend nozzle swap for 0.8mm. I’m shocked how difficult Bambu made it to disconnect the hotend fan and thermistor connectors. I get that the size and weight matters, but was hoping the swap would be much simpler and I would not need to mess with tweezers to carefully unplug the connectors hoping not to damage either side…

Swap in my good old Flashforge was super simple - press, pull and insert. Done.

Anything I’m missing? Than you, any tips, tricks and pointers appreciated.

That title in the topic list is really misleading… :joy:


Also this set of tools obsoletes the tweezers…

And I’m no Kevin btw. Was just my first test print (I do no benchies!) and proved to be really useful.

Edit: These two are for the connectors. You’ll need to use the 0.4 nozzle though

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Sorry fixed the typo on the topic - sorry about that! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

THANK YOU for sharing, I’ll print these and try them out!

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I use forceps to remove and install the connectors. Much better than tweezers and they can lock.

Good recommendation, thank you Ken!

Used a small plastic pry-tool to go back to 0.4mm so I can print the tools from Kevin… But still very un-impressed about the connectors…

I tried various methods and prints but in the end I used a design on Printables with a slight modification of my own. Ideally I’d like to see Bambu offer a modification so that we could have a system like the A1

Here is a link the the printables design for those that are interested

Even a cheap set of these turns ham hands into precision instruments.