How accurate are the final prints?

Hello everyone. With any luck I will have my brand new ‘P1S’ tomorrow. It will be a great day.
As for my question today. How accurate is the final printed part off the ‘P1S’ compared to the design I submit to Bambu Studio and then the printed compared to the design file I submit to Bambu Studio? If the design calls for a dimension of 50mm how close will the actual print be to that 50 mm dimension? Many thanks

Hi, i got my p1p yesterday and printed quite a few prints,largest being a poop catcher at 6hours and they all came out brilliant… love the machine.

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Out of the box, probably about ±0.3 mm. A great deal depends on the model, filament characteristics, various temperatures, …
There is a reason a slicer can adjust so many variables.


I’ll just link a post from a different thread summarizing my experience. Tldr - not great in terms of accuracy and that’s post meticulous filament calibration:

The thread you linked to almost looks like something is loose. The offsetting of the layers seems to depend on which direction the previous layer was laid down. I’d be checking the belts and making sure the table is fixed correctly. It only takes a fraction of a millimeter to show up as a layer shift.

I wasn’t necessarily referring to the whole thread but rather to my individual post which applies in the context of dimensional accuracy.
To be clear - I don’t have the issues the original thread started with…

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Duly noted. It just seems that topic is common and often confused with accuracy.

I had a lot of dimensional problems with my Creality K1. After replacing for P1S, absolutely great precision. No complainings at all. 4 months of happiness so far. Let’s see after a maitenance.

I just received mine today, and I used to think my Prusa was super accurate… somehow this P1S is moving at speeds I cant even fathom, while keeping the cleanest layer lines I have ever seen.

While I cannot tell you how accurate they are; I can tell you that my identical prints for very tight tolerance are now almost perfect, I don’t have to sand any of them at this point… I stood beside myself all day comparing what I once thought were superior prints that took twice or three times as long.

Enjoy it!

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