How do I get everything to print at the same speed?

  • The attaching to the nozzle for PETG usually meant the flow is too high, also visible from your top surface - not suppose to have ridges and the small holes re probably from uneven distribution of PETG from the already attached on the nozzle residue

  • i do not think you have VF is problem , on my Profile is 20 , but i reduce it if i want to change the speed
    and i limited the speed to 140mm/S any way . Usually around 6-8 is a good number for slow print

  • PA(K) factor is way off this is the small ridges around the hexagons

  • avoid grid infill for PETG , either gyroid or rectlinier

  • Part fan cooling needs increasing

I think i sent a few times the calibration link, but hey
:slight_smile: welcome to bambu , but still the best printer of all i have had . And i gave up on Bambu profiles about a week after i got the printer.

Your Flow and PA will be different the rest should be the same
Note that from 3 PETG brands noticed that PA of 0.05 usually works ok for PETG with out tunning, but still check it any way

@ExtremeElementz I noticed that on my profile for PETG the AUX fan was changed to 0% that was for testing issue with huge plate. It is suppose to be between 10% and 30% depending on the M106 P3 S150 see the note , but this is your last cherry, 30% should be with S150 but you can play with it. 0% may affect your print but anything between 10 and 30% should be ok

I think you can do a couple things but it’s going to be painfully slow. If you change the filament profile Max volumetric speed to something really low that will slow things down. Another option is to go and set all the speeds settings to life 50mm/s. Last option, yeah out your old printer cause it’ll do nothing but take forever! Lol