How do you add multiple printers on one print profile?

I see print profiles all the time that say they are compatible with all printers and not just one. I was wondering how do you add more than one printer to your profile like that?

Also, when another user uploads a print profile to your model, do you get any sort of credit for downloads of their profile?

It’s just speculation → do you own an a1? for me it seems that all a1 users who are creating profiles bambustudio is just creating it for a1 printers. I own a p1s and whenever I create a 3mf file and upload it all printer are automatically there. so may try to add another printer and create the profile for e.g. the x1c. I think it’s a bug…

as model owner you always get credited for downloads. when someone adds a print profile to your model he / she can choose whether to get the points his / herself or spent them to the model owner. you are always profiting for downloads for your model no matter what you are the profile creator. for example another profile is printed 100 times → you receive 8 * 25 points (a print counts 2 downloads → 200 downloads → 25 downloads == 25 points).

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You are correct, I do own an A1. Sounds like you’re right, it’s some sort of bug in Bambu Studio affecting the A1.

So if I understand the points correctly, when someone uploads a print profile to my model, I get points for their downloads regardless of what the profile uploader chooses to do but they also have the option to give me points that they would have earned as well.

It’s not a bug, I don’t think. The A1 lacks the exclusion zone that the P1/X1 series has, so in theory you could put stuff in that zone that wouldn’t be compatible with those series of printers.

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If that were the case, then how does A1 get listed with every other printers in profiles?

jep - thats right :slight_smile: if you want to know more just click here how indicated in the picture



Because the exclusion zone doesn’t exist on the A1, there’s no issue when transferring a layout from the X1/P1 to the A1. There’s a hierarchy to it all, that goes from A1-Mini → X1/P1 → A1

So anything made with an A1-Mini Profile will show up for the A1-Mini/X1/P1/A1, and anything made with an X1/P1 profile will show up for the X1/P1/A1, and anything made for the A1 will show up only for the A1.

Beyond marking, the A1 has the largest bed since it intrudes the least on the actual physical space.


Thank you for this :pray: