How do you change the username?

I have added a “Name” in my forum profile. I have also clicked on my picture in Bambu Handy and changed the “Nickname.” I have logged out and back in. I can not find any place to edit my forum username. Thank you for any assistance.

Does it show the new username in the Handy app and in the profile settings in the forum?
There are two name fields. Real name and username.

You’ll need to ask a forum moderator for help. Only they can access the feature of this forum that allows usernames to be modified.

I just tried it and it worked. Go to your profile picture → User tab → Preferences → Preferences tab → Account subtab → Username → edit icon

And it just says “Change your profile picture” with 3 options for choosing a picture. Perhaps I just don’t have sufficient account senority to have the option.

I see, that might be the case. It’s quite easy to get that level, though. I registered to this forum less than half a day ago.

See here: Understanding Discourse Trust Levels

Well I’m at basic level. I’ve been on here for 23 days, with my first post 6 days ago.

By default, Discourse (what this forum is using) does not allow a user to change their name after 3 days. That would explain why noXoreos is still able to see that option.

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Goot to know. Thanks for pointing this out.

Thank you for the explanation!

I had the same problem. I changed my name in Handy and it showed correctly on other BBL sites, such as the store. I finally had to submit a support request so that it would change in the forum.

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