How does the Bambu 4-in-1 PTFE Adapter work?

Does it have a button to switch between the in slots?

This link should help you out and you just feed what filament you want to use at that time or if you have more than 1 AMS it will work also.

It also has locking couplers to hold the ptfe tubes in place.

4-in-1 Adapter Application Example

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It’s more of a manual operation where you feed your filament from an external spool (or possible external dry containers to help control filament moisture).

I keep my AMS connected to one input, and then the second input is for use with my External Spool holder. Not having to remember to reconnect the AMS after using the external spool is a big bonus! I’ve forgotten to reconnect the AMS a couple of times and ended up with a lot of filament feeding onto the floor!!

However, I suggest you also use this mount to connect the 4-in-1 PTFE Adapter to your printer. It solves a couple of problems and helps to reduce possible friction in your PTFE lines which causes AMS feeding and retraction issues.

So if I have this then technically I could print with 7 different filaments at one time? 4 being and then when it came to 5-6-7 filament I would manually need to load it and remember which colors I assigned to the 5-6-7. It was saying on the store print up to 7 filaments