How getting Black Friday pricing on filaments which are "sold out"

New machine ordered this week, and wanted to purchase some 4 rolls of 2 colors each. One color is sold out, both on spool as well as refill; no way you can order, just fill in your Email to be informed when available. That is not going to help, because it prevents me to buy at BF prices.
Is there a way one can reserve what you wanted to order, or does it just mean: bad luck, new customer…
They also did not send me 2 free rolls at the purchase of a machine, as “sold out”(!). I wanted to order the machine the day before, but could not get through the payment system. Overloaded I guess, and ordered next day, when I happened to see that the free rolls were “sold out”.
Raising this issue with Customer support, they just said that the offer was oversubscribed, so: bad luck customer. But was it my problem that I could not get the payment in place in time the previous day.
In conclusion, How about getting BF prices on stuff they do not have in stock today? Is BF a new phenomenon for BambuLab?