How hot does the plate get? (3dprinting newbie)

Hi - one thing i hadnt considered before ordering the A1 is how hot the plate might get? Its something that in all the reviews I watched online didnt get mentioned once!

Does it always get super hot during printing or only at certain times? Im just wondering how conscious ill have to be of this if its sitting next to my desk somewhere

thanks for your help

The Hotbed is kept hot during print constantly.
If you let it cool, the object you print may loosen from the bed. A hot bed helps with adhasion of the filaments in the plate.
You should not change that to make sure your print IS successful.

hi - thanks for the reply . Im guessing this heat is such that its dangerous to touch?

The A1 can only get up to 80 degrees celsius. This is not hot enough to burn you, I can touch that for up to two seconds without needing to remove my hand.

80C is 176F, so yes…don’t touch it. But you will most likely have it set to 60C or 140F
As for it sitting next to you, you really won’t notice any heat coming off the bed.

Oh Cool. Good to know. Thanks all for the info