How long does support take to answer?

Been waiting on a reply from support for awhile. Anyone getting support tickets answered?

I entered a ticket about my DOA X1C Combo on weds, and they answered within 2 hours, Since then i have been trying to get the replacement process started and its been nothing but crickets, I have replied a few times telling them I’m rdy to start the process but nothing for 3 days now… I was expecting to have one shipped back out already by now but sigh, it doesn’t look like I’m going to get one as fast as I should.

still no reply, how about you?

FInally got my reply today and my replacement printer processed has started. Hope they help you soon too./

Im waiting since saturday for an answer about my issue with the A1. really not happy. i bought bambu to avoid problems like this. instead it is like all the other brands in my case. Its sad, but a lesson…

I had to wait three days and then got a very generic response with a link to the Wiki. I got more resolution from these boards and this community.

My replacement arrived today and is already up and printing, My old one should arrive with them in a couple of days. Hopefully, the refund will happen quickly.

Over 10 days here, for a failed-on-day-one unit.

I’m done with this company and want a refund.

Dealing with Bambu has been nothing short of pathetic. I too have been waiting a long time for a P1S/AMS brand new out of the box. I opened a ticket Dec. 29th, 2023 and still not resolved. It’s bad enough that they have no way to contact them short of their support tickets (no email, no phone number), but it’s as if they intentionally try to stall in their responses! I’ve dealt with other “tech support” as part of my daily workplace routine for 25 years and Bambu quickly went to the top of the “WORST” list. I’m about done dealing with them and have asked them to set up a full return more than once, and they just keep stalling, including telling me things like a return/replacement would take weeks. It’s almost written as a threat. As if it already hasn’t taken weeks.

Great. :frowning:

Should have done my research.

I am on the same situation… Bambu support is non existent!

I’m leaving comments everywhere I can, and talking to the social media “influencers” pushing the product. I’m beyond upset.

they are not interested in mine or your comments… they are bambulab… a company incensed from influencers…a real mess!

Short of getting far more wordy with a reply, I will try to provide some condensed examples of my experience:

  1. Their responses are slow at best: Their initial response to my newly opened ticket was 7 days. In that reply, they asked me in a very generic fashion to “submit a video of the issue.” (of what???) I had already submitted 7 videos, a photo, all the log files, and several lengthy ticket posts (that exceeded their 3000-character limit per-post) when I opened the ticket. They never did clarify what they were looking for (if not already in my previous videos/info).

In general, Bambu Support responds once a day at most, with 2-3 days to have to wait for their reply being common. My replies to them are typically within a couple hours back to them. Much of what they’ve sent me has been generic, often seemingly asking for information I’ve already submitted. It’s a lot of back and forth that has wasted an immense amount of time. I asked them to escalate to a supervisor, and even that quickly became the same scenario and as if we’re starting all over again. The supervisor asks generic questions, including topics that were clearly addressed in my most recent post to the ticket.

  1. They’ve repeatedly ignored my requests for a return: my first return request was well within the their 14-day “window.” They’ve since ignored it every time, with exception of the following. About a week ago they told me a replacement would take weeks, suggesting I should instead accept this repair process as the better solution (which was already taking weeks itself). As of today, 24 days after opening the ticket, they now tell me I do not qualify for a return because I’m passed the 14-day window. This timeline is completely on them. It’s taken this long because they are slow to respond, don’t seem to read the information they’ve already received, including ignoring requests to set up a return–specifically pointing out how close we are to the end of their 14-day rule.

They also tell me as of today that even if they did process a return, they can “charge me” if they receive the equipment back but cannot replicate the problem. I take this to be a threat and to try and suggest that I just keep the equipment. The problem in question was well-documented through videos (the onboard camera, and from my own), log files, and extensive notes typed by me. It was apparently enough to convince them to send a replacement part. What if the problem is ultimately intermittent? Are they going to deny customers their return/warranty claims for intermittent issues?

  1. They’ve instead pushed a convoluted process of sending a replacement part (that i didn’t ask for, as I already asked for a return). Yet before I even receive the part, they close the ticket on me, claiming “due to my inactivity!” I re-opened the ticket and received the part afterwards (now 16 days after opening the ticket). The replacement didn’t include any repair instructions, nor was it supplied in the ticket. So, I asked Bambu Support for instructions. They instead sent instructions on how to hook up an AMS (which has nothing to do with the problem). I asked for specific replacement instructions, and they replied they don’t have any. They send me a photo of 2 screws to remove (which partially involve the steps needed, but ignored several other connection points that need to be dealt with). I asked them AGAIN for FULL instructions addressing other hardware connection points. They finally send what appear to be more complete instructions. This silly back-and-forth added another 8 days after receiving the replacement part.

This leads me to conclude: what if this repair doesn’t work, or things get worse? I can only imagine how quick Bambu would be to point the finger of blame at a customer. It seems like Bambu is putting the brunt of repairs onto their customers–who are not trained or certified in Bambu’s procedures, and in my case not even sent instructions (and must ask for them repeatedly). If this is how the process goes for something brand new out-of-the-box, I don’t want to know what it’s going to be like 6 months from now, or after any warranty has expired. Yes, there is a purpose to wiki’s, user forums, and other “self help” means etc… but not to the extent the customer is otherwise abandoned from day 1 by an unresponsive company.