How many hours of CF printing should I expect from a nozzle?

Just wondering how often I should expect to replace my nozzle. I’m primarily running PETG-CF and PAHT-CF through a 0.4mm hardened nozzle. I know that I can wait until I get certain defects in my prints, but I’d like to be prepared ahead of time.

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Good question i am also planning on running a bunch of CF filament trough mine. got it a week ago… ill guess well have to check frequently. I was wondering if i can just ream them to a bigger size, with the olf ender brass nozzles this works fabolous.

Can the topic of this thread changed to: “how many hours of printing should i expect from a nozzle?”

How many hours of printing should i expect from a nozzle?

I mainly printed normal PLA, CF material only very little and in comparison a little more wood PLA.

I’m currently servicing my printer. Now i was beginning to suspect a slight deterioration in printing might be due to the nozzle, so i took everything apart. I heated up the nozzle and pushed out the remaining filament. As it was very dirty with burnt material, i tried to remove it mechanically, which worked for the most part, but not quite right, as you can see in the picture. In addition, the silicone sock in the area around the nozzle has become brittle.


I have printed ~1000h with this 0.4 nozzle.

In comparison, a new nozzle.

I’ve never “had” to replace a hardened nozzle due to wear. you may notice a bit of a difference if you’re looking at the hole. But print quality will remain good for thousands and thousands and thousands of hours. My mk3 has over 400 days on it mostly abrasives