How point are calculated if someone add a profile to my design?

Hey, if someones add a print profile to my design and other people will start to download it, will I get any ponts ? Does he get any ? How does that works ?

If you look at your points history you get points for the model downloads and points for the profile, they will get the profile points but you will still get the model download points.

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From what I’m aware of it’s the uploaders choice to reward points to the designer. There’s a check box when creating a new profile that states this.

I’m pretty sure designer is separated from being rewarded from downloads/likes.

I do feel like this should change and also if someone creates a remix that the original designer should be receiving those likes/downloads as well. Otherwise that’s a completely stolen model.


Ive noticed a little banner on some print profiles , stating that the original designer will be awarded points for a profile/print download/rating

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I respectfully disagree. That’s a bit of a hostile take.

I have had a number of remixes done of my stuff, and I’ve worked with a few of those people on their remixes too. They didn’t steal my model. They earned their points through their work. Even a few times when talking to someone about their print profile they are uploading to my object, I’ve told them flat out not to contribute the points to me because they deserve the rewards for their work.

That’s not to say there aren’t people that don’t try and cheat and steel, but we need to stop acting like those are the only sort of people out there.


I just opened and “inquiry” type support ticket, when i will get answer i will share here.

example banner on these print profiles (no copy and paste) so i linked

Might be hostile but completely true. “Remixing” is altering an original model that wasn’t created by the individual. Yes it’s the choice of the original designer to allow remixes. But if said remix is shown more so than the original, it’ll receive more views and generate more likes for less work.

Our industry isn’t the friendliest when it comes to ownership and content retention. We’re all about allowing remixes so we can better our designs but when it comes to achieving higher credibility than us is when we have issues. I understand your point though but only if the remixer is communicating with the original designer and giving credit where credit is due.

Sometimes the remixes are better :man_shrugging: I mean I’ve seen remixes that were more of a remodel because the original model was more a concept than anything functional or usable, even at a mesh level.

There’s another layer to that though I’ve seen, where it’s more so someone copying someone else’s idea/design, and getting popular with it. In all honesty though when I’ve seen this happen, the popular one is the better design, and is usually marketed better, or more complete, or all of that. I know it can be frustrating, but I don’t know. The thing is, most things aren’t so unique anymore either that you can clearly go this guy is ripping me off! When like uhh, what about the other 200+ designs of the same thing that came before you, littered across these model repository sites.

I’m not saying any of this to take away from designers. Just like anyone, I don’t want to be ripped off, have people steal my glory, or step on my toes. I try to be realistic about the world though and the nature of what we do, because it saves me from a lot of frustration and anger.

I don’t really expect everyone to be reaching out to me about everything. I may be a loud mouth on the forums here, but generally I’m pretty shy and awkward. I especially understand what it’s like being a nobody designer trying to cut your teeth in a world where you don’t wholly feel like you even belong. Reaching out sometimes can be difficult. I’ve been a young artist in a room full of seasoned experts, and it can be a lot.

My views/approaches relate to my own experiences of struggling to belong. I don’t want to discourage people, or put those “hostile” views/feelings out there.

I’ve seen copies of my ideas/designs/concepts. I’ve had a few annoyed moments, sure, but generally, I just try and think good for them. I feel pride that I was able to inspire someone, and a few of them are obviously newer designers, so I think it’s encouraging too.

When I was still in art school, I was trying to recreate a visual effects shot of a fly by of a jet. This was practical effects. So a plastic model of a jet shot against green screen composed over actual footage. I had saw this behind the scenes clip of the shot, and so yeah. I think it’s on point though because it wasn’t some original idea, but it’s common as we learn to try and recreate things so we better understand them and how they were put together. At some point we take those things we learned and start applying them to our own ideas and concepts.

Incidentally, on that same project, someone walked in and told me I was stupid and what I was doing was stupid. That moment of just hostility towards me did a lot of damage.

Like I said, I’m a loud mouth on these forums. So, I’m not like the perfect example of what I preach, but generally speaking I try and keep my mind and attitude open and friendly because I know what it’s like to hit up against the opposite of that.

And ProtoSpyre, I’m just rambling. I don’t mean to take away from your views on it either. You’re fully entitled to control your designs how you’d like. I just like to ramble and give some different perspectives to think about.


I can honor everything you said, right on man.

At the end of the day we’re all here to provide some quality to the world of makers and get some pats on the back while doing it. We’re not on the level of the majority of designers on here. I (Cody Martin) typically run the social and marketing aspects but I do have a team of people hence why I will state “We”.

My background being a CNC Machinist / CAM Programmer led me to the world of CAD. So I’m more geared towards functional models and can model pretty fluently. As for 3D Artistry that’s more out of my realm. Although I’ve practiced here and there within Blender it’s definitely an art in itself to model characters and articulated creatures.

We just released a new model to meet the demands of Bambu Labs shortage stock situation of their “4 -in- 1 PTFE Adapters” simply creating our own but going the extra mile in engineering and making sure it works and someone remixed it with a idea of which we didn’t originally think of but was also kind enough to state he’d remove it if we released a fix for his issue. He did uphold to it as well, so it’s nice to follow feedback that’s for sure so I do see the brightside to remixes, but I also feel like no matter what the original designer needs just as much credit as the remixer for starting the project.

I’ll make sure to check you out man and appreciate the conversation

Happy Printing! :call_me_hand:

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Bonus side quest has been hanging out here on the forums and meeting a lot of the designers I see on makerworld all the time. This has been the first 3d printer community I really took part in.

Likewise! I enjoy getting into it with all ya’ll. Haha

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That’s nonsense! If the license allows remixes it’s not stealing! If you don’t like your model to be remixed just don’t allows it! And if you allows it, you must be okay with the fact that people can do what ever they want with it.

The fact they choose to or not honor points to the original/remixed design is nonsense… 95% of the work is done and they add 5% then choose not to honor the designer points? This should more so be a balance of honoring both parties not a choice to.

This discussion is entirely academic anyway, since nobody is really earning points anymore.

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