How realistic is it the P1S will get "Air Printing " Detection?

So the A1 beta firmware has

The biggest IMO is the air printing. This likely being another anti-spaghetti thing. That or anti-clog which the A1 has already.

What is the likely this feature will come to the P1S?

Considering bambu has traditionally given all the printers the new firmware goodies in due time i would say pretty good. But this is 1000000000% speculation and I have zero proof so ya lol don’t take this as gossple

I’m can’t say for sure but it seems unlikely. The P1s have a very weak computer inside (lower power than the X1 and A1), and without new hardware will not be able to do some of the things the X1s and A1s can. This task looks like it heavily depends on compute to detect the strands via camera, etc.