How to animated thumbnail?

How do I get my thumbnail to be animated? I have an animated WebP, it animates when I use it in the description of the model, but if I put it as cover its just the first frame frozen.

Correction, it animates in my description while I’m in edit mode, but not in the publish mode.

Have you tried an animated GIF file?

Yea gifs animates both in edit mode and in publish mode, but only allowed in the description, not in the thumbnail/cover.

I made a request a few days ago. But my latest few uploads don’t benefit from using a GIF, so I haven’t followed up on it yet. (BTW, my request was met with a couple of objections :slight_smile:

Not all models need GIFs. Most decorative models are probably better off with photos only, but some functional models can greatly benifit from a few seconds of animation to show what they are for.

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Oh its some special privilege only a few people are allowed? How did you make the request?

Think its quite an advantage with the current fidget contests, or just contests over all.

The models that have animated GIFs are those linked from other platform such as Printables. Somehow the linked models can have GIF as covers. Direct uploads don’t allow GIF as cover, only in description. I made a request right on this forum, as a post :slight_smile:

Ah ok, I get it. How tricky!

GIF or webm thumbnail is in our recent schedule.


Good to hear. Hopefully it comes out soon so people who want to participate in design contests don’t have to upload their models onto Printables first then link back just to get a GIF cover, which is not what Makerworld wants since the rule says “refrain from reposting models from other websites.”


Thank you for the explanation. We spent 3 hours converting GIFs to WebP format images, mistakenly thinking there was a problem with the format… :sweat_smile:

Anyone recently uploaded directly to Makerworld and got the GIF working as the default cover? I haven’t tried lately. Just want to know if one still has to upload to Printables first and link back to get the animiated thumbnail.

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GIF will be formally supported in next week update.

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While you’re on it, may I ask for an option for the individual user to disable those animated GIFs as thumbnails - at least before hovering above it?

En mass I do find them very annoying and even refrain from using such sites with perceived attention deficit hyperactivity disorder…

Good to know. Thanks.

For pages that may contain a group of GIF pictures, such as Home Page, “3D Models Page”, “Personal Page > Uploads”, the GIF is not auto-animated until the mouse hover on it.

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I think this is a good compromise. It doesn’t have to be “my way or the high way” :slight_smile:

This means that some time next week, all animated covers, including those linked from other platforms such as Printables will also switch to the hover animation, right? Currently they are shown as animated automatically.

For images already ported from other platforms, we will handle it separately (which may take some extra time).

Images which are imported (from other platfrm) or uploaded after GIF formally supported will be normally supported.

Looks like it’s been implemented. Thanks.

One question: Can a separate photo be used as the cover image for the GIF (the image that is shown before users hover mouse over it)?

Becasue the cover image is the one that users see by default, it’s important for it to be the best representation (best angle, best layout, lighting, etc) of the model. An image (snapshot) from the GIF sequence may not be the best one to use as the cover thumbmail.

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I like that too. I used a gif on one of my designs but the gif did not run automatically as the other ones (imported from other sites?). So i reverted back to a photo cover, the gif cover was not pleasing.

It should also be able to display properly if the designated cover photo is a different size from that of the GIF.