How to filament paint only top layers?

I’m trying to paint a model with different filament colours, using the Fill tool. On the surface (pardon the pun) this seems to work, however when I go through the lower layers I can see that it, unnecessarily paints into 5+ layers underneath (see screenshot).
Ideally, I only want it to change the filament in the top 2 layers to provide sufficient coverage, whilst avoiding unnecessary filament changes.

Is there any way to achieve this?
N.B. paint at height or filament change at layer is not an option as I need to use different filament colours for different parts at the same layer height.

Thanks for your help.

Try modifiers. Copy the rack, cut the top 2(?) layers of it (delete the bottom part). Now you have a bunch of loose thin parts that you can turn into modifiers (after assembling them with the main part).


Use “Height Range” after “Fill”.

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Just got this recommended by youtube after reading this thread :no_mouth:

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Sorry, could you please elaborate? Would this work with multiple different colours at the same layer height?