How to find P1P MAC address?

As the title states how do I find the P1P MAC address?

I am a high school maker teacher that purchased 2 x1carbons with ams (kickstarter) and then I picked up 1x p1p as they are cheaper and I want to make them the main printer for my class.

However, school firewall is making it hard to connect to school wifi or even recognize on my phone app. With the x1 carbons I took them home to my home wifi and could connect on app and then when I took to school it worked. School IT says that if I give them the mac address of the p1p they can make it so school firewall doesnt get in the way. If I’m saying something completely stupid please let me know as well :smiley:

With the P1P it is currently working at my home but when I take to school I have to (afaik) delete old wifi connecting which makes me try to reconnect on phone app and it just stalls out without connecting so I can’t do what I did with the X1 carbons.

Would appreciate any help. (I submitted tickets to bambu support and never got replies)
Thank you

At home router, you have tab with “connected devices”, look for your printer, and is IP + Mac address.

I would add that if you can, to assign Static IP addresses for each printer in your router while your in there.

It makes life simpler. :slightly_smiling_face:

Today’s P1P firmware update adds the MAC address into the WiFi section of the LCD menus :slight_smile:


Ty all for the advice, cool to hear MAC address is now in WiFi section