How to print multicolor using the external spool and the AMS lite?

I made a sign in MakerLab with a background/baseplate in a filament that can only be handled in the external spool holder (glow in the dark PLA).

The text filament is loaded in my AMS lite.

How can I print this? When it comes to assigning filaments, it doesn’t seem possible to assign the base to the external spool holder and the text color to a filament in the AMS lite. As soon as I select “Enable AMS” in Bambu Studio it shows all the AMS lite filaments but not the external spool. If I don’t select “Enable AMS” then I see the two filaments required but can’t assign them - it seems to be expecting them both to come from the external spool, I’m guessing.

Will it print the baseplate, then prompt me to change the filament in the external spool holder?

Well, not to change the subject but are you using a hardened nozzle with that Glow in the Dark stuff? Because it’s very abrasive and will tear up your standard nozzle. Now to your original question… Have you tried using 2 plates? Since I don’t now how your doing the test exactly it seems like you could print the base then switch to a second plate and just print the text on the surface. But that is just a thought.

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Bambu doesn’t state there are any issues running glow in the dark through the AMS, only recommends hardened steel nozzle.

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If your text is printed inside the object, then it has to switch the filament for every layer, retracting the filament, switching, pushing and so on. As far as I can see, it’s not possible with external spools because the AMS has those motors that can move the filament back and forth. I think it’s possible with custom g-code and only external spools (no AMS) but then you have to manually switch filaments so many times…

If your text is printed outside the object, basically a text on top of a base, I don’t see why do you need AMS for that. Put a pause in the slicer when the base ends and the text starts. Print with one filament, manually change it to the other one, resume the print process. Another idea is to print them separately and glue them together.

But as others said, use the AMS, only take care of the nozzle.

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They don’t state it, but from experience, it does NOT feed well in the AMS Lite.

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Good to know. I have a roll of Glow and haven’t had a problem. May just move to external to avoid any.

Oh yes, absolutely. You can even feel that glow in the dark is abrasive just with your fingers.

Not as direct as I’d like, but AMS lite FAQ | Bambu Lab Wiki

“Similarly, avoid using materials that are excessively hard (with a high modulus) or too brittle (lacking toughness), including third-party fiber reinforcement materials like PA-CF/GF, PET-CF/GF, PLA-CF/GF, PLA Glow, etc. For these filaments, it is recommended to use external spool placement.”

For one thing, the AMS lite gears are NOT hardened steel and I’d worry about them wearing. For another, the port openings tend to drag the filament through and wear even with regular PLA. I’d hate to see what an abrasive filament would do to them.

I think I’ll have to do that. I guess Bambu Studio doesn’t add in the pause automatically when there are two filaments to be printed without the AMS lite?


Yea, when you add external spools you have to slice it, use the pause, then slice it again. At least in my experience, so there could be better ways that I don’t know.

About AMS. I also run PLA-CF and other materials with AMS lite, with no problem so far. I guess it’s also because I dry these filaments. If the filament doesn’t go in, I’ll cut the tip in a diagonal, so the tip is sharp, and then it’s accepted. No idea, it worked for me so far.

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