How to rate profiles?

the beta invite email suggested 3 initial tests:

  1. one-step print from handy
  2. print from the website
  3. rate print profiles according to the print result

ok, i’m aiming for number 3… i see the profiles have been rated by others… but how?!

i can’t find anywhere to click to add a profile review. anyone here know where to look?

Its one the handy app after your print is done.

but how can you add a review later? because i put another print without reviewing the previous one and can’t find how do it now…

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There is a button in the handy app.


Oh thanks! I can’t managed to find that but I found the same on the web, good to know both options!


So you need to use Handy app and you must use a pre-sliced profile or you have to upload your profile before. Crazy.

err - not exactly.

  1. you can print via bambu studio, not just handy
  2. you can rate via makerworld, not just handy
  3. it wouldn’t make sense to rate profiles that weren’t online for others to use, so yes the profile must be online to be rated.

Thanks for the info. I was aware of the other options but not of the first. Can you confirm that downloading a model (maybe only the print profile) from Makerworld and printing it from the Bambu Studio will permit you to evaluate the model afterwards? I didn’t try that, so I would be thankful if you could provide some details.

i’m 99% sure i’ve done it before, but i’ll do it purposely today to verify.

Hi. I am not affirming anything contrary. Sorry if it sounded like that. I am just curious and like to learn. it’s not urgent, but thanks for the help. I will also explore and try it.

i’m struggling on a different part. I can’t seem to upload profiles. I open bambu studio, import my file (be it .3mf or stl), set everything and then go to File - export - export generic .3mf

but once i want to upload it i get this error
“The 3mf file is not generated by Bambu Studio, or the printer selected in the 3mf is not a Bambu Lab printer.”

Nevermind. I had to use “Save project as”

no worries, i didn’t take anything as combative. makerworld works differently than other sites/tools, so despite being pretty confident i was at least a LITTLE unsure.

and now i’ve tested it and it definitely works:

  1. locate model on makerworld
  2. click “open in bambu studio”
  3. modify the profile however you need (i have a P1P and the 3mf seems to ALWAYS default to X1C, so at least a little change is always needed on my side)
  4. print
  5. once the print job completes go back to your profile on makerworld
  6. in your profile, navigate to ‘ratings’ (previously displayed as ‘history & ratings’ as per @OSUVENSE screenshot above)
  7. you’ll find recently prints listed here, with an option to add your rating to the profile you just printed a moment ago
  8. click the ‘rate’ button and submit your rating.

i wish there was an easier way to add photos to ratings. maybe something like “fetch a phot from the handy app”, in which i could take a picture and have it available to include here? for now i take a photo, backup to google photos, open google photos website, download, rename, upload… feels like a lot of steps. wonder if i need to scrub EXIF data like location… could be simpler through the handy app anyway.