How to Rename User Preset

Is there a chance to rename a User Preset? I accidently made a mistake as I calibrated the last 6 filaments. But It seems to be impossible in Bambu Studio? Do I have to re-calibrate all filaments again to change the name?

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I can’t change the name of the Preset. If I hit save, I am able to change it, but then there is a new preset with the new name and the old preset still exists… :see_no_evil:

Then just delete the old one after you saved it with a different name.

In fairness to his question, it’s not obvious how to do that. In fact, I just learned it here a month ago by one of the members here.

One deletes a filament profile by clicking on the ‘X’. I guess they ran out of trash can icons back at the factory. :joy:


Oh absolutely. My answer was not meant to be condescending in any way.

Thanks a lot!
Really not that logic… And thanks a lot for your nice help! If you post such a question on Facebook you only get comments like “read the Wiki” etc… :see_no_evil:


nope… its idiotic, you can change vendor name and stuff in advanced mode, but it doesnt update profile name to reflect that.
You cant change the name of the profile after its been created… and theres no way to actually copy a profile to make a duplicate, its always inherited.

and now to give an dumb workaround for people;

select filament presets and export the offending preset, unzip, open the json file in a text editor, change the offending values (and the name of the file…)


Reimport the edited file and remove the old version from the slicer.

if you remove the “is_custom_defined” row the filament doesnt show up in your custom list either.

You can also hit the “Click to Edit” icon of the offending preset, save it as the corrected name and then delete the preset with the offending name.

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Attempting to make sure I have the full picture. Is this correct?

Using an X1 Carbon with single AMS.

I have a need to serialize my filament spools with print calibration date and would like to create filament profiles that are related to that specific spool that I can select on the X1 screen when loading into the AMS … and subsequently populate into Bambu Studio when slicing.

Before it is possible to select a specific manufacturer and then filament profile (i.e. serialized profile) on the X1 screen, a “Custom Filament” needs to be created in Bambu Slicer for the manufacturer and material type. The result of creating a “Custom Filament” Bambu Slicer requires a “Default filament profile” for any given nozzle size who’s name is automatically created and cannot be changed (BOO).

Once flow dynamics and flow rate are performed, Bambu Slicer allows two options for saving the data:

  1. Overwrite the existing “default profile” automatically generated name (i.e. no cal date) with the data.
  2. Create a new filament profile with a custom name (able to have cal date) but unable to delete the “default profile” after a new profile is created because of the inheritance of settings.

Option 2 above is what I want, however this means for EVERY filament and each nozzle I print with I will have 2x the amount of profiles saved which means 2x the amount of lines to read through when selecting the filament on the AMS and Bambu Slicer.

From the comments above, to keep from having 2x the amount of presets what I need to do is: create/perform everything up to the flow rate → then overwrite the data into the “default profile” → then export out, manually rename, import back in? Correct? Or are there other options?