How to resolve non-delivery? Help please

I ordered a P1P and accessories on the 29th of June. The prder was split into two parcels with the printer being delivered to an incorrect address by DPD, and the accessories being returned to Bambu labs after showing as “Return to consignor has been requested”. So 20 days later now and the last message i recieved was “We are still investigating the case, will update you if I have any update.” on the 12th of July.

This is after I explained that DPD wont help me as i am not the client, just the recipient, after trying to make a claim with them. I have also queried why the second parcel was returned to Bambu labs but that has yet to even be acknowledged.

Does anyone have suggestions on how i can resolve this situation? I made my purchase with a debit card and I am UK based. Do I try get my bank involved or do I start legal proceeding through the small claims court? I am at a loss; if they don’t feel like responding, then it seems like there is nothing i can do…


Yes contact your bank, ask them to do a reversal, so long as you have proof they were not delivered to you, you should be refunded, but also once Bambu Labs realise a reversal is going through, you’ll be amazed at how quickly they will contact you


So i got contacted shortly after posting this complaint here on the forum. I was told that there is clearly a problem and as they can’t resolve it - I can get a refund which would arrive in 3 days. It is now 5 days later and still no further word or refund. Why is it so hard for this company to just have decent customer service! I paid £1k expecting that, at least i would get decent sercive. Instead i get some of the worst customer service, no product and no refund. It is now a month since i’ve paid and every single promise that has been made to me hadn’t been kept. SO very frustrating.

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Speak to your bank, Bambu Labs seem very dodgy when it comes to customer service and refunds, your bank will no doubt know this now as many already do, it is ok to make a brilliant product, but that will always fail bigtime with non existent support, this is very worrying now the amount of people I see having these issues and Bambu Labs ignoring emails, or answering with stupid questions!


I am going through a similar issue with UPS stealing my Printer and only the extra PEI Plate I ordered making it to me. Bambu Support is trash and isn’t responding to multiple tickets and emails. I went ahead and filed a claim with my bank. At this point I don’t even want the printer as I would have to deal with terrible customer support every time I have an issue.

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Good day. Sorry for asking this question in your topic. I couldn’t find the way to create my own. Does anyone here have the same experience as me? I ordered the X1 Carbon Combo yesterday (04/08/2023). Upon checking the tracking number, it shows that the item was already delivered and dated on the 18th of July 2023. I already sent them an email but I’m getting anxious because I could not find any topic regarding this. I would greatly appreciate it if someone could help me with this. Thank you!

So, in my case, I ended up getting a refund from bambu Labs. After about a month of emails, mainly from my side, BL actually refunded the printer, and then after further complaints, the 2nd parcel was refunded fairly quickly. During this whole process I must have sent 15 or more emails. I think they would have refunded my money, eventually, even if i sent fewer emails, but I was anxious that they wouldn’t. I didn’t end up needing to involve my bank, but i was oh-so close. I think BL could have just sent 1 or 2 emails explaining the process, which would have set me at ease and helped tremendously. After all this, there was no real apology, but I have my refund, so I’m grateful none the less, and will likely order another BL printer. Definition of insanity ect, but I think the products are good so I hope this order will be less eventful.

I feel sorry for you man. I hope I don’t experience that situation. I think I’m just gonna wait for them to respond on my email. I assumed they sent me a wrong tracking number. Anyway, I agree that they product is one of the superior right now. Hoping this time you will get the products without any hassle.
Thank you for responding. Have good one.

Getting funds refunded to your card can take upto 10 working days. This is the scheme provider and not the supplier. It sounds odd that the scheme can debit instantly but when they are to refund it takes nearly 2 weeks. You thank Visa / Mastercard etc… for that. Bank will most likely credit your account while dong a chargeback but if during that time the claim is defended they will take it back out. So don’t go spending it straight away :slight_smile:

If you have the VISA logo on your bank card then the claim would be you did not get what you paid for. Easy as that.

I agree. Everyone should stop contacting Bambu and go through bank reversals. At a certain point the credit card companies will threaten to stop all transactions and they may start taking steps to remedy the ridiculous shipping problems.

Chargebacks really get a business’ attention because they quickly become very expensive. As the chargeback rate of a retailer goes up their credit card processing fees go up dramatically. So if Bambu doesn’t reply promptly I would send them a message saying “If you don’t provide a resolution for my issue by tomorrow I will file a chargeback with my credit card” and then follow through depending on the response. If everyone having unreasonable delays did this they’d fix their support in no time.

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Did you guys get solved your problems ater contacting your bank, did bambu then contact you ? Maybe this us an good way to get at least an bit support ?

I opened a ticket to BambuLab. I purchased a lot of items and took advantage of the sale. It seems BambuLab missed my Hardened Steel Extruder Unit. How long before they respond to tickets?

They shipped my printer but none of my accessories. No response from BL, just canned response that i should wait 1-3 days for it to ship. Now i have a printer i cant do much with, going to contact bank soon, Contemplating returning printer since company has 0 customer service.

So if they are waiting on one item of your accessories package. You demand that they still send it or you will send back your printer. :man_shrugging::thinking:

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They took a while to respond to me but Bambu Labs did their best to send missing items to me ASAP when I opened a ticket to them.