How to sync filiments with two printers

This is probably the simplest issue, but it has me stumped. I have an X1 and an A1 mini. When I open a file, the filaments listed, for example, are for the X1 AMS. I then change the printer, with the drop down, to the A1 mini with the proper nozzle. The listed filaments do not change. I then change the Device to the A1 mini and navigate back. The list of filaments do not change. I then hit the sync button (or re sync, neither work) under Filaments and the listed filaments do not change. I would think changing the printer and/or device would change the filaments to the proper AMS for that device, but it’s not working for me. What am I doing wrong?

I would first reboot or at least restart bambu studio. What does it do or say in the popup when you sync? If you switch from preview to device tab does it stay on the selected printer on the device tab?

I have rebooted my system, but it had no effect. The popup message states, ‘Already did a synchronization, do you want to sync only changes or resync all?’ I’ve tried both options, but there was no difference. When I switch from the ‘Prepare’ to the ‘Device’ tab and then back again, the selected printer remains the same, but the filaments are incorrect, and resyncing does nothing to resolve this. However, I found a workaround.

The X1 printer was not on during these tests. If I turn on the X1, change the printer and device settings to X1, and hit resync, the correct filaments are displayed. I can also switch the printer back to the A1, select A1 in the ‘Device’ tab, then resync, and the correct filaments for the A1 are displayed.

Thus, for the correct filaments to be displayed through the resync function, both printers need to be powered on. If only the A1 is on and the X1 is off, and the filaments for the X1 were previously selected, I find no way to switch the filaments to the A1 AMS.

To me, this setup is very counterintuitive. For instance, changing the printer should automatically update the filament selection to match the chosen printer. It shouldn’t be necessary to change both the printer and the device, have both units powered on, and then select resync to display the correct filaments.

Did you bind both printers and ams with the cloud ? (restructured)
So both printers appear in the device window , (apologise for the late edit)

The filaments listed in Bambu Studio in the prepare and preview tabs are not what is on the AMS but rather whatever was entered by the person setting up the printer profile, or possibly what was left over from a previous operation. The needed filaments listed are then best matched to the filaments ID’d in the AMS under the Print plate tab. It is in that pop-up screen where one does the filament matching.

Neiljt: Yes to both questions.

3dEd: Thank you for the reply.

After loading a file for printing, the first item shown on the first page shown, the Prepare tab, is the dropdown to select a printer profile. Logically, everything following this step should correspond to the printer JUST selected, including the filaments listed immediately below the printer selection dropdown. If one notices these filaments are incorrect and selects the sync button, the message that appears—“Already did a synchronization. Do you want to sync only changes or resync all?”—implies the software “believes” the correct filaments are displayed. At this point, it would be reasonable to be confused.

Furthermore, selecting filaments on the print dialog screen proves ineffective because the options presented originate from the filament section on the Prepare tab. This is a problem when multiple materials are loaded in the AMS as they may be no option for a correct filament profile.

I assume one of the main goals of BL is to make 3D printing attainable for everyone. In a scenario where a user has selected BL filaments with the build in RFID (to avoid having to manually set up a filament profiles), the software has all information needed to display the proper loaded filaments for each printer without user intervention.