How to use brim to fixate the skirt to the bed

Is it possible to fix the skirt with the help of the brim for better bed adhesion ? If you make the brim wider in Prusa Slicer, you can fix the first layer of the skirt border with the brim to the bed and the skirt cannot so easily detach from the bed. When I try this with the bamboo slicer, the brim will always cut off and the skirt will not overprinted and fixated. I would like to use the skirt as a windprotektion over the whole Objekt hight.

I think, the position of the skirt is not set to the outline of the objekt.
The position of the skirt is set to the outline of the whole printarea in the Bambu software, which is not the same programming like in prusa slicer. But is it better?

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have u found a solution? I used it with prusa for ASA Prints…I liked it