How to work option AI Monitor check print fail?

How to work option AI Monitor check print fail

i open option AI monitor, but i thing not work or not operation.


can show me option work ?

You already have AI monitoring enabled. It is not perfect and won’t detect every print fail. What makes you think it is not working?

this not check and stop print

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It looks like you have a P1S which doesn’t have AI monitoring.


AI need open Bambu Studio ?
i use X1C Combo

No, Bambu Studio doesn’t need to be open. AI monitoring does have a harder time recognizing spaghetti with dark coloured filament.


No just does not work AI always , i had a few times spaghetti not detected as well on X1C , increased it to high but still happened. Also some times where there is no problem will stop it on High , but at least can continue the print. So not a 100%

But here is some hints which might help , clean camera make sure you have a good lighting

Spaghetti detection | Bambu Lab Wiki.

Is your first failed print? Or did the AI monitor tool provide alerts (even if false) in past works?

no for first print, but not message on bambu studio and bambu handy
i not sure have solution for test on work ?

I didn’t understand.
I am trying to understand if you had any alert (or false warning) from the printer AI detection tool in any print.
If you had it, was the alert correct or false? And what was your action (stop or continue) print?