Hydra AMS - Enhanced Bambu Lab AMS

@highrise955 I buy a fair amount of the Atomic Filaments samples and those go on pretty small spools. I can see myself buying them for smaller projects that I need a particular color for, that I don’t need a huge amount of. I think that the Hydra mod will work for me, I just wanted to hear some feedback from people who had installed it.

I used the Hydra insert for awhile. It is a really nice idea, but for me it just didn’t work right. Maybe it was something in the print itself, but I had spools that fit in the regular AMS that would rub on the lid when closed. None of the existing desiccant holders would fit - too tall. And the lever buttons (?) prevented the lid from closing. I haven’t seen others reporting these types of problems so it may have been something I did wrong.

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I have been using the Hydra conversion for a while. It works very well for me with different coils.
Only coils that are very fully wound e.g. eSun ABS+ made problems until a few meters were printed. Therefore, I currently have a combination of the two versions (with and without the lower guide fins) slot 1 to 3 I use with guide fins, slot 4 I use the version without guide fins. So I can use such (problematic) coils initially in slot 4. Later, when a few meters are used up, I can use this coil in all slots.
Since then I use only big spools (750gr to 1000gr).

Cheers WR

Any particular recommends in terms of what to print this with? Bog standard PLA, PETG, ASA or something else?

I have the small roll of CF filament that my X1 shipped with to use for something - would this be a worthwhile use (or total overkill?)

I downloaded all the files months ago but to busy with other prints on my machines (Also S1 Pro and Kobra Max).
I tried modifying my Atomic Filament rolls and didn’t like the results so will be using up older filaments to make one Hydra system for my AMS. If I can find those files how might I make them available for someone else’s use since they seem to have vanished.